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If you want to avail all services of Hotmail then you must create a new account. The procedure to create a new Hotmail account is quite simple. After setting up an account you will be able to get all the facilities provided Microsoft including SkyDrive, Instant messaging, Xbox Live and any other Microsoft powered services. So, in order to avail these services, you must be looking to create a new account.

Hotmail is one of the oldest webmail service which is used all over the world. But after the evolution of Gmail the field became more competitive and in recent days Hotmail is changed into There is also an option to create ID but its optional. As the preference is given to

Procedure for Creating an Hotmail Account

On your System web browser open the website of Outlook from Google or Directly as it is up to you. Then you will initially see the sign-up page. But you have to click on the option of create account.

Enter your First name and Last name. Enter the email is pre-default and preferred by Hotmail but you can also use Create a new password with minimum 8 characters. Make sure you enter some special characters and numbers in it. Re-enter password for confirmation. Enter your country region in which you live. Give your date of birth in format of Month-day-year.

Select your country code and give your phone number. Finally give an Alternative email address in case you forget password. However, it is optional. Solve the re-captcha. You have to simple enter letters as shown in pictures. Finally click on the Create Account Button.

Some Commonly Occurred Problems with Hotmail

There are many problems that people face during using Outlook service. Sometime you lost your password or forget it or you have some signing in problems then let me tell you that you can follow this tutorial to solve these sorts of problems. Simple tips to check if you don’t enter wrong password is by re-entering it or checking for the Caps Lock is not on. In case you have forget it, you have reset it. If you forget the password then you can click on the option of forget password. Then you have to enter the verification code which you will receive on your cell phone.

After ongoing through this process, you will be able to change your Password. Then enter your email and pass through re-captcha to set up a password.

Sometimes if you have noticed that an error of Incorrect Password occurs more often. The reason for it may be due to internet connection problem but the fact is that you can also check the server status from Website Down Status Check like online. So, you will not need anything else.

What to do about Hacked Accounts       

If you really feel that your account is hacked then you can try to recover this by some of these methods. Make sure you must that you remove all the viruses from your system with the help on any anti-viruses. As you know that online information can easily stole now a day. So, make sure when you create a new password it must be strong and insert some Alphanumeric and Special charters in it.

Use Hotmail on Any Android Phone

The simplest way to access Hotmail via mobile is to download a Hotmail app through Google Play. After Downloading the app you must launch the app and enter the login credentials and enter click on the login button to start using the app.

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