Some Mind-Blowing Features by Sign up to Hotmail Account

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Many users come daily to Hotmail for sign up their new account. If you are one of those people then let me tell you that you can create a new account under a Domain called Outlook. This Service is Basically integrated by the Microsoft (A famous Brand for windows).

How you can Sign up for your Hotmail Account Online

Hotmail is one of the biggest webmail of all time and enjoyed a lot in its industry as it is launched at the first Place. Before this free service a lot of people have to pay ISPs for getting access to their ISPs to get access their email box. But thanks to this great idea by Microsoft owners you can easily enjoy it. So, you are enjoying all the facilities.

So, these are some steps to follow for the beginners for to start up.

Firstly, visit up the website outlook website and you will see the login page.

Then you have to find the option of Sign up. So, you will be ready.

Start entering all your information including your E-mail and Password. Then it will validate your Phone number before going further. Then you have to give simple answers of about your Gender, Date of Birth etc. After accepting terms and condition you have to click create account. So, your account will be creating.

What are some Security Aspects of Outlook?

Some information that you required to sign up for your Outlook account is to answer some security Questions. Some the Security questions are as follows.

You need to provide valid phone number for which can be validated for verification code.

A Security Answer must be according to the personal information and must be validate to recover password Later.

Some Easy Updates to Access for Outlook Users

There are several facilities to check for all the new users. You will get the great interface to work on. Such as you can mark the signed in for long time, so whenever you want to login just visit the site for Login t your account. Moreover, you will be to access One Drive, Social Media and much more.

One Drive

The greatest thing that you will get by Sign up for Hotmail Account. You will also be able to Login to your account. You will get up to 7GB Cloud of Cloud Storage. So, you will avail additional space anytime you want. Moreover, you will also get Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint etc. To use the space in these services.


Hotmail with some new Tools make it easy for users to understand this mail Service well. So, you must be ready to start using. Make connections with your friends and other People which you prefer the most. You can connect your Hotmail Profile with you Hotmail Profile as well. So, start using your Hotmail Account.

Use with Social Media

You can also use Outlook with your social media account. Which one of the verified and preferred method for most of the people? You can link with your Social Media Profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc.

Strong Security Settings

Outlook Provides one of the Greatest security for its users. In two steps verification, you can easily verify your account for further use. Make sure you on go with two steps verification for further use. In case you have lost your password, you can easily verify your account from your Phone number. So, that’s also a great thing for sure.

Now you will enjoy more upgraded Security version of Hotmail in upcoming Days.

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